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Status on our Viejos...

Uncertainty looms every single day regarding our old folks.  
Thank God Papi is back out of the hospital and stable at home.  However, he has not recovered in his mood, his will to live, and his struggle day to day is not the same.  

He's lost luster for life and focuses all day on his ailments having lost a lot of his strength in his legs b/c of his Parkinson's disease.    He doesn't think he can go anywhere, do anything else, or live for anything else, etc.   

Hopefully now w/ the change of weather, I can take him out of the house as he lives on his bed 24/7.   It's extremely depressing seeing him in this condition and with little to no will to live.

Arlene and her family continue to struggle with Mami as her behavior becomes more and more strange due to her diminishing mental faculties and loss of memory.

I'm completely frustrated not being able to be there for either Mami or Papi the way they need me to be.   When I am able to get free from the kids because of school during the weekdays, I only have a small 3-4 hour window to drop the kids off at school, head down to the city, deal with the ever-worsening problem of zero parking, and be back in time to prevent getting stuck in traffic to pick up the kids from school.    

What Papi needs is nursing home care and I'm dealing back and forth with his current insurance to try and see if they can offer him more home care worker hours to cover him at home.   But if not, then we have to explore completely changing his insurance carrier and putting him in a nursing home because he's no longer competent to self medicate, he can't ambulate much anymore, and he needs someone there to keep up his spirits.  

A nursing home near me is ideal but that'll involve changing his insurance completely and you have to come in to admission with that insurance, and then deal with space and admission issues .... sigh.  

On top of that, my Father-in-Law also has had repeated trips to the ER and last week, we almost lost him.  My dear Claudia might be on the verge of seeing her dad of 84 coming to the beginning of his end, and it's my prayer that I am wrong about these suspicions.     God's will be done.    Her mom also is having increased problems breathing.    

We're on watch and on egg shells with our old folks because the time is approaching and inevitable.   This is that time in life that approaches where we need to know what we're holding on to, and where that handle is located.   Because we're going to need to hold on to something sturdy....    Soon.

God's will be done and His glory covers the earth and our lives - always.  

When Baden meets Trane: By Glauco Sagebin

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Very cool Jazz Piano Trio CD I've had since about 2005.  Incredibly dreamy and very similar to the jazzy melodrama of Bill Evans.  I recently listened to this again and went off into my Jav heavenly, Jazzy improv. dream cloud.  :)   

Glauco Sagebin is a Brazilian pianist who isn't even known much in the states but he's awesome.  Here is more info.  

Glauco Sagebin is a brilliant pianist. He's actually a veteran, but hardly known outside Brazil. When Baden Meets Trane will surely change that: an exceptional trio album with simpatico, virtuoso compatriots in acoustic bassist Santi Debriano and drummer Paulo Braga. Definitely Brazilian, but not typically so, the CD's a mix of the leader's originals and remarkably fresh treatments of favourite Brazilian and North American pieces. The ingenious title-piece evokes an entirely imaginary meeting between a Brazilian acoustic guitar genius and a hugely influential North American jazz saxophonist.
To discover more about Glauco Sagebin and friends go to:


Jav's kitchen

From Jav's Kitchen: Chicken Guisao with White Rice!  Oh yeah!
:) 😜👌👌👌


Sergio "Wilo" Osorio

With heavy hearts, we say goodbye to our beloved Uncle, "Wilo", Sergio Osorio who passed away yesterday.

For a fact, we will all truly remember him and miss him dearly.   So many pleasant memories of our uncle in our home.

My Uncle, Wilo taught me through his example, the value of respecting and loving my siblings - especially, my sisters.  The way he loved and protected my mom, I'll never forget.  

God's will be done.  I pray that I'll see him again.