Happy 2nd Birthday Victoria!

My blessing, my joy, ...
That God continue to bless you until you grow to know Him personally.
That you grow to fear Him and by this come to know who you really are, and what true joy and love is.
This is my prayer for you my little Bird, Vicky.


TheJav on Tumblr!!

"He's so private and quite"! .... No, he's not! He's on yet another blog site! He sure has a lot to say!

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A poem by yours truly:

A poem by Yours truly:

It's my birthday today!
Oh, don't give me any of your gold and silver, your mansions, vacations or surprises.  I'm already an heir of heaven and eternity... I have it all, and soon it'll be before me.

Give me your time, your smile, your thoughts, your presence, prayers and friendship. Give me you.

Yes, it's the big things that matter most. 

A poem by yours truly.  

Happy Bday to me!!!

TODAY I'm almost half-a century old!!  How do these things happen??
Alright, I'm ok now... I know how these things happen.  :) 

They happen Fast!  


CJ says Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Acoustic Christmas sofa grit comin' at you from me and my elves! (to listen, turn off tune widget audio below)


Asalto! Christmas is here!!

Christmas salsa, bomb, plena ... Permanently In the blood. Old parties at home, Turron candy, coquito, pasteles, arroz con guandules, roast pork, family, ...

And God's grace that continues to rain down. Lets make this Christmas special with peace and love in our hearts despite the realities of pain and enemy trials surrounding us. In faith, we can march on in realistic optimism and face the days knowing that The Lord fights our battles, and our joy in Him is His will for us. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!