Grand Canyon 2003

During our first trip to Las Vagas, We took a bus out to the Grand Canyon. 2003, was a good year. A lot of traveling.  Today, Not so much. :)

Jav's Mashed Potatoes...

Made with plenty of butter, whole milk, and whipped until creamy. My alternative to the usual rice. :)


My oatmeal...

I try and make like my Mami used to make it for me.  I also make a "Mami-like"
chicken stew too.  :)


FAO Schwartz...

The store is said to be closing on July 15 this year.

I'm gonna miss this place.  Remnants of my childhood in the city.  Although I could never find anything to buy in there - maybe that's why it's closing (?)  : /

: (

I'll never forget the song jingle while watching this huge clock thingy go round and round.   ... "Welcome to our world of toys"... 

A fun place to walk into every time I visited Central Park.  Part of the many changes taking place.  


Happy Birthday Mami ...

Happy Birthday to my dear Mami.  The first woman in my life and the one who I hold at the highest regard.  The deep heaviness comes to my heart knowing how hard it has been to get passed the issues of life in order to see her more often.  I've always said "life gets in the way" but that is never an excuse because regardless of how much I'm needed anywhere else, ... she's my momma and holds my heart.  It's literally like being away from my own heart.

I pray and thank God every day for how He has sustained her and how He has strengthened my dear sister and her family to take her in, and take care of her.  

Mami has always been my strength and balance in life. I witnessed her reverence for God when she prayed and her prayers were the grace in her life that allowed me to see Him in our lives growing up.  She always has the most practical attitude in all adversity and was always the one on my corner shaping my attitude towards life.  I can't thank her enough for that influence.  

Thank you Lord.  Continue to bless my beautiful Momma with health, strength and peace in her heart.  


Happy 2nd Birthday Victoria!

My blessing, my joy, ...
That God continue to bless you until you grow to know Him personally.
That you grow to fear Him and by this come to know who you really are, and what true joy and love is.
This is my prayer for you my little Bird, Vicky.


A poem by yours truly:

A poem by Yours truly:

It's my birthday today!
Oh, don't give me any of your gold and silver, your mansions, vacations or surprises.  I'm already an heir of heaven and eternity... I have it all, and soon it'll be before me.

Give me your time, your smile, your thoughts, your presence, prayers and friendship. Give me you.

Yes, it's the big things that matter most. 

A poem by yours truly.