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My partner in life for 14 years...

Happy Anniversary to my lovebird, Claudia.

The Priest who married us told us "She is your way to heaven, and he is your way to heaven".

I didn't agree with that comment in as much as it didn't seem scripturally sound but I think he meant something else by it.  

Truly, marriage isn't easy but I've learned that God uses marriage to chisel one into the person He wants you to be.

God doesn't give us a clone of ourselves wearing a wig but instead someone who will help us stretch, learn, grow, commit, and sacrifice in order to become... well, more like Him.    

How else does one go from single to "one flesh" as the Bible states.
How else does one go from "going it alone", to having  "a helper", that God ordains to be with a man.
In Genesis, God took to creating the woman from the side of man to create her.  He said "It's not good that a man be alone", and this was after he created everything else and ordained it as "good".  He didn't take from the man's head or the man's foot, but from his "side" - which is closer to a man's heart.   And then He clearly commanded that "husbands, love your wives as Christ loves His church and gave himself up for it".   

I don't think I'll ever get used to the fact that I'll never measure up to deserving this woman; for the many reasons God has placed her before me.  But I know that God's work in me is not complete - it is a work in progress, and that includes being the best husband and father He can mold me to be. 

The daily sacrifice of thanksgiving to Him is for the opportunity to share my life with Claudia, and grow in this grace before God. 


This Weekend: Eric Alexander Quartet

I so wanna go!  I can plan, that's all I can.

This Weekend: Eric Alexander Quartet
Smoke Jazz Lounge & Supper Club

This Weekend at Smoke

Friday & Saturday, June 13 & 14


Eric Alexander Quartet

Known for high-octane energy and impressive technical facility, Eric Alexander is one of today's premier jazz saxophonists. Frank Alkyer writes in Downbeat, "Eric Alexander can play the tenor saxophone—never doubt that. He has the chops, power and passion that make him one of the most blazingly bad-assed saxophonists of his generation." On his latest studio recording, Chicago Fire, Eric explores the rich musical tradition of one of his adopted hometowns, The Windy City, and its many tenor saxophone heroes. These are some of Eric's most important influences and there's no doubt he'll include some of their music from his inspired record.
Eric Alexander .tenor saxophone
Harold Mabern .piano
John Webber .bass
Joe Farnsworth .drums
Shows at 7pm, 9pm & 10:30pm
Doors open at 5:30pm for
cocktail hour.

Smoke Sessions Records CD Release

Jimmy Cobb

The Original Mob

THERE'S NO ONE LIKE JIMMY COBB who continues adding new chapters to his storied career. His new release, The Original Mob, features three former students who have all become successful artists themselves—Brad Mehldau, Peter Bernstein, and John Webber. Cobb says, "It just sounds like us…like when we first started to play together years ago, but I remember like it was yesterday. I always enjoyed the way we played together." The Original Mob is available as a 8-panel CD-Deluxe Album complete with liner notes, interview and additional photos or as a high resolution download mastered for iTunes.

Join Our New Mailing List!

We are in the process of changing our online appearance. Look out for a new club web site a few weeks from now.
As you may be aware, we have recently launched our own record label and have introduced a catalog that includes recordings made live at the club. We sincerely apologize if any of our CD release mails have caused you any inconvenience. Since your primary interest may be club news, we have decided to keep most record label emails on a separate list which means that this newsletter will only have brief news about Smoke Sessions Records, as part of our regular weekly mailings. For more in-depth news and special offers on the new jazz label we encourage you to sign up for the studio mailing list 
Smoke Jazz Lounge & Dinner Club | 2751 Broadway NYC 10025 | 212.864.6662 | smokejazz.com

Smoke Jazz Club · 2751 Broadway, NY, United States · New York, NY 10025 · USA


Who loves noise pollution??

The motorcycle season is here!
And so is the noise pollution. How many accidents and fatalities will result this year because those seasonal and less experienced motorists will be out there in droves with their noisy two-wheeled death machines?

I hate when they rumble passed my house and disrupt my babies sleeping upstairs late in the night. For some, the louder, the better and the less muffler the machine has, the better. I don't get it but then I don't get tattoos either. Those people need to check their hearing.

Be safe out there!
My rant is over.


Health care risk in the Bronx -


Happy Birthday Mama

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day and today, from the deepest part of my heart, I thank God for this woman in my life. One day, I'll prob write a book spanning the immense influence and impact my Mami has had on me.

She's resilient, free spirited, joyful, loving, protective, wise and she taught me to fear God; and then some.

Thanksgiving is in my heart today with so much more to say. All I can say right now is that she's still with me, she's still here, and God's grace is real.
She's my first real friend and the first woman in my life. Thank you Mami. Thank you for so much today and through the years.


"NEVER AGAIN" they said...

 Approximately 70 years ago, people said "NEVER AGAIN" with regard to the Holocaust that took place in Europe of the extermination of the Jews by Adolf Hitler.  

Today people have criticized and denied the comparison between that Holocaust and the one that has been taking place in our day and age by way of the genocide of our own children and offspring.

This has legally been taking place in our own land for 40 years and somehow, people are convinced that murdering ones child should continue to be a "legal right".  

And just like those humans that were treated like waste 70 years ago, news comes that there have been 15,000 aborted babies incinerated in order to produce energy in the UK, and this practice was recently also found to be taking place here in the US. 

Talk about a "culture of death".     "Never Again"??     It's happened many times after that, and will continue happening as long as the human heart continues on with its human nature.  

Read more on my blog where you'll find the link to this horrific abomination taking place and to date NOT covered in any popular media channels or newspapers.    

We can run from the Truth but we can't hide from the Truth.