Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Acoustic Christmas sofa grit comin' at you from me and my elves! (to listen, turn off tune widget audio below)


Asalto! Christmas is here!!

Christmas salsa, bomb, plena ... Permanently In the blood. Old parties at home, Turron candy, coquito, pasteles, arroz con guandules, roast pork, family, ...

And God's grace that continues to rain down. Lets make this Christmas special with peace and love in our hearts despite the realities of pain and enemy trials surrounding us. In faith, we can march on in realistic optimism and face the days knowing that The Lord fights our battles, and our joy in Him is His will for us. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


My birds ...

Momma Bird, Boy Bird, and 'Lil Bird.


5 years ago ...

On this day, 5 years ago, we moved in to our home upstate.

Thank you Lord for sustaining us since then. Thank you Lord for our children who have come to us under this roof.

And thank you Lord for your will and purpose that awaits us moving forward.



Javier Lopez (@BXBLUES)
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! thanks to God for sustaining us throughout the year, and even in trials/persecution, He is with us. (Romans 8:28)

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THE sent you a puppet: Fall 2014

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"Fall, Halloween, etc."

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Yes, we're in the TWILIGHT ZONE! ...

-Political Correctness
-No more books (No more libraries)
-No God
-No Preachers of God
-The  State Controls all
-No Truth
-No Sanctity of Life
-No purpose
-No rights for the "obsolete".